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Babaji mentioned about 3 types of tapasya.his was prachand tapasya.
What. Is meant by tapas ?

Spirit in life

Part A

Welcome back my revered readers, sorry to have been away for so long. I completely agree that a new post is very much overdue. The blog was organized in many separate sections like posts of sermons, teachings and verses from Bhagwad Geeta, photos, videos, poems and so on in September before I took a long break for the sake of convenience of every reader. I hope everyone benefitted from it as much as it was intended to be.

The reason for extended non-appearance from the blog-world is that I was comprehensively involved with my daughter’s marriage that took place in the last week of November in Delhi. I have tried to resolve everything as fast as I could and am very much settled in my usual routine. Meditations are back, calmness restored and the mind totally infused with God’s benign touch and what’s more- I feel like composing a significant post…

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